User's manual for Suppliers



Now that you have access to your work area you still have to set your B2B platform.

Fill each of the following steps in order.




Navigation bar / My Account

1 - Information company :


1.1 – Information :

Review and modify if necessary the information in your administrative contact.


1.2 – Configuration :

  • Language : This is the language of your interface in full.
  • Time zone : System will build on this to calculate the remaining time to answer requests and confirm shipments.
  • Next renewal : You can see the changes in pricing that will come into force on first day of the month to come. These variations may be consecutive to a plan change on your part or a change in our rates.


1.3 – Users :

You can create an unlimited number of users.

You can determine, for each user, what are the privileges and areas to which it has access.

The Account Manager will be the only one to receive invoices and payment confirmations. He is the only one who can create or delete a user account. He also defined the privileges.


1.4 - Information about your business :

We ask you to describe as accurately as possible your business and the products you sell. Your information will enable us to provide you with personalized service.


2 - My user profile :

You can, in this section, update your user information.


3 – Reset dashboard to default :

All your widgets will be overwritten. The control panel will return to its original configuration.


4 - List of users :

Create new users. Determine their privileges and accessible areas.


5 - Billing B2B :

See the bills that concern you and why your credit card will be charged.


6 - Credit Cards :

Manage your credit cards. It is very important to make sure you have a valid card on file. A payment refusal may lead to a suspension of your services.


7 - My partners :

You need to create a list of your partners. Click "New Partner", fill in all fields and we will send them a personal invitation to connect with you. You can add a personal message to the invitation. When your partner is registered you will receive confirmation of connection and can immediately start working with him.




You are now ready to have B2B work for you!



Navigation Bar / Dashboard


The default dashboard represents the most frequently used widgets. You can customize it in the "Navigation bar / Search transaction."


The dashboard is your work area.

All transactions (requests and orders) from all your partners are present.

Widgets defined as "alert" have a band of color.


Each widget has a counter in the lower right showing the number of total transactions. If the widget is set to "alert" there will be a counter to the left of it showing the number of unread alerts. You can reset the counter to zero with the icon (tool) in the top right of the widget.

You can edit all the widgets by clicking on the tool. See section "Transaction Search" for details.

You can also remove most of the widgets from the dashboard.


Definitions :

Request : Before sending a confirmed order your partners will send you a request in which you will have to confirm in a preset time if you have the product in stock.

Order : Once the request is answered partners will convert it into an order. You will receive the order to deliver the goods.


Dashboard has the following default widgets:

  • Requests - Waiting for answer (+1h) : The time remaining to respond to your partner is greater than 1 hour.
  • Requests – Waiting for answer (-1h) : The time remaining to respond to your partner is less than 1 hour.
  • Requests – Expired : You did not answer in time allocated to you. If your partner does not re-open the request you will not be able to answer.
  • Requests – Answered : All responses sent lately are here.
  • Orders – To be shipped : You have not yet completed the process of shipping the order that you were assigned. This will be done when you have entered the information relevant to the shipment (goods, tracking number, courier).
  • Orders – Delayed shipping : The time allocated to you to make the shipment is passed out.
  • Orders – Shipped last 14 days : All orders shipped within two weeks.


When you want to open a transaction you must click on its number and not the name of your partner.


By clicking "Dashboard / All alerts are read" you reset the counter, next to the button "Dashboard" which shows the total number of alerts. Only new alerts will now appear.



Navigation Bar / Transaction Search

This section allows you to search and sort any type of transaction according to multiple criteria.

Select "Custom Search" and enter your search criteria or choose a predefined search function.

Click "Add to dashboard" and you will insert the new widget. When the "Add to dashboard" windows opens know that :

  • "Order" set the place in your dashboard.
  • "Columns" set the width of your widget (50% being ½ screen width).
  • "Alerts Dashboard" if checked differentiate this widget from the others by changing its color.
  • "Alerts Email" if checked will enable you to receive an email notifying you of a new alert to watch.
  • "Rows" sets the number of visible rows of your widget.
  • You can also choose the information that appears in your widget by checking the appropriate boxes.


Customize your control panel easily as you wish.




Receive requests and manage orders



New requests are in your widget « Requests - Waiting for answer »

Open by clicking on their number.
Now you see all the details :

  • Country, city, zip code.
  • Parameters : Retailer, reference numbers, time remaining for you to respond.
  • Product : Available Quantity, Unit Price, If you check the back order box then you can register them and their availability date.
  • Shipping charge : If "shipping fees" is checked you will need to enter an amount.
  • Note to suppliers : You see the message that your partner may enter.
  • Answer: You can send a message to your partner along with your answer.


You can print a picking list using the top right button.


You can now submit your response to the retailer using the button at the top right.
This request is now in your widget "Requests - Answered"



Your partner will, based on your response, confirm the order.

You will find it in the widget "Orders - To be shipped"



  • You can print packing slips for all new orders by clicking on the toolbox in the top right of the widget and then "Print All". If the button does not appear it means that all orders have already been printed.
  • Open the order by clicking on its number.
  • The tab "Summary" gives you the details of the order.
  • The tab "Shipping" allows you to print a sheet of collection if necessary.
  • Confirm in this tab :

The quantities delivered.

Shipping costs.

The tracking number.

The shipping service.

The language will be printed on the packing slip.

You can also add a message to the recipient's attention.

1. Now confirm the shipment using the button at the bottom right.

2. Print the packing slip that you insert in the package.

3. Your partner has now received automatically your shipping confirmation that will be sent to the recipient of the package.


Feel free to contact us for any matter relating to the use of our services.



All features will be included in this promotion

*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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