User's manual for Retailers

Now that you have access to your work area you still have to set your B2B platform.

Fill each of the following steps in order.




Navigation bar / My Account

1 - Information company :


1.1 - Information :

Review and modify if necessary the information in your administrative contact.


1.2 - Configuration :

*Logo : Insert your logo. It will appear on both custom picking lists and packing slips. Maximum size 500x500pixel. JPG format.

*Language : This is the language of your interface in full.

*Time zone : System will build on this to calculate the remaining time to answer your queries and confirm shipments.

*Shipping time : Determine the number of hours that you allocate to your suppliers to make the shipment of an order. After this time, you and your provider will receive a reminder alert.

*Default mode for requests : You can, for each transaction, change the mode of treatment.

In manual mode you will receive confirmation of availability of your suppliers, but will treat it yourself information and decide which supplier you assign each item.

In automatic mode the system receives confirmations and assigns each item to the best suppliers. If an order is incomplete you will receive a warning and will need to decide how to process your order. If an order is complete it will be sent to the supplier and you will receive confirmation of shipment. Automatic mode is recommended because it requires very little user intervention. If you use the API then you will receive an order for your client and a shipping confirmation without being involved in the process as B2B will be held at all.

*Next renewal : You can see the changes in pricing that will come into force on first day of the month to come. These variations may be consecutive to a plan change on your part or a change in our rates.


1.3 - Users :

If your plan allows you can create an unlimited number of users.

You can determine, for each user, what are the privileges and areas to which it has access.

The Account Manager will be the only one to receive invoices and payment confirmations. He is the only one who can create or delete a user account. He also defined the privileges.


1.4 - Information about your business :

We ask you to describe as accurately as possible your business and the products you sell. Your information will enable us to provide you with personalized service.


2 - My user profile :

You can, in this section, update your user information.


3 – Reset dashboard to default :

All your widgets will be overwritten. The dashboard will return to its original configuration.


4 - List of users :

Create, if your plan allows, new users. Determine their privileges and accessible areas.


5 - Billing B2B :

See the bills that concern you and why your credit card will be charged.


6 - Credit Cards :

Manage your credit cards. It is very important to make sure you have a valid card on file. A payment refusal may lead to a suspension of your services.


7 - My product lines :

This is a critical step because it will determine how the system will handle your orders for you.

A product line is a type of product and / or a specific brand. The classification should be as specific as possible. The product line will be linked to a/some supplier(s) so it should match your reality.

Most often the product classes correspond to the ones you have on your own site facilitating the linkage.


Examples of product lines :

  • Natural products / household products / Brand X
  • Clothing / Men's / Underwear / Brand Y
  • Accessories / Women / Shoes / Boots / Brand Z


If your partners are created you can link them to each pertaining product line.


8 - My partners :

You need to create a list of your partners and product lines they offer. Click "New Partner", fill in all fields and we will send them a personal invitation to connect with you. You can add a personal message to the invitation. When your supplier is registered you will receive confirmation of connection and can immediately start working with him.

Set the time you allocate to partner to answer your requests. This time can be changed when creating a query.

Check the "Shipping Required" box if you want to force your partner to include the cost of shipping and handling in its response.

Check the "Change Order authorized" box if you accept that your partner can do.

Add notes as necessary. They will appear on all communication with him (requests, orders, shipments).




You are now ready to have B2B work for you!



Navigation Bar / Dashboard

The default dashboard represents the most frequently used widgets. You can customize it in the "Navigation bar / Search transaction."

The dashboard is your work area.

All transactions (requests and orders) from all your partners are present.

Widgets defined as "alert" have a band of color.


Each widget has a counter in the lower right showing the number of total transactions. If the widget is set to "alert" there will be a counter to the left of it showing the number of unread alerts. You can reset the counter to zero with the icon (tool) in the top right of the widget.

You can edit all the widgets by clicking on the tool. See section "Transaction Search" for details.

You can also remove most of the widgets from the dashboard.



Request: Before sending a confirmed order to your suppliers you send a request in which they must confirm in a preset time if they have your product in stock.

Order: Once the request is answered you will convert it into an order. Involved suppliers will receive the order to deliver the goods


Dashboard has the following default widgets :

  • Request – Draft : Not sent to suppliers for now. Editable.
  • Request - Waiting for answer (+1h) : The time remaining to your suppliers to respond to you is greater than 1 hour.
  • Request – Waiting for answer (-1h) : The time remaining to your suppliers to respond to you is less than 1 hour.
  • Request – Need attention! : Something needs attention because no supplier can meet your specifications: response time exceeded, missing product, higher price than you have posted.
  • Request - Partially ordered : After confirming the order you have decided to keep this request for later use. No matter that there are remaining quantities to be delivered or not. The request will remain accessible, editable and duplicable as long as you do not have closed manually.
  • Orders - Waiting for shipping confirmation : Your supplier has not yet completed the process of shipping the order that you assigned to him. This will be done once he has entered the information relevant to the shipment (tracking number, courier).
  • Orders - Shipping deadline expired : The time allowed to your supplier to confirm shipments is passed out.
  • Orders – Shipped last 14 days : All orders shipped within two weeks.


When you want to open a transaction you must click on its number and not the name of your partner.


By clicking "Dashboard / All alerts are read" you reset the counter, next to the button "Dashboard" which shows the total number of alerts. Only new alerts will now appear.

Navigation Bar / Transaction Search

This section allows you to search and sort any type of transaction according to multiple criteria.

Select "Custom Search" and enter your search criteria or choose a predefined search function.

Click "Add to dashboard" and you will insert the new widget. When the "Add to dashboard" windows opens know that :

  • "Order" set the place in your dashboard.
  • "Columns" set the width of your widget (50% being ½ screen width).
  • "Alert" if checked differentiate this widget from the others by changing its color.
  • "Mail Alert" if checked will enable you to receive an email notifying you of a new alert to watch.
  • "Rows" sets the number of visible rows of your widget.
  • You can also choose the information that appears in your widget by checking the appropriate boxes.

Customize your control panel easily as you wish.




Create requests and manage orders



Navigation Bar / New request


Definitions :

  • Query : Before confirming an order to your supplier you send a request in which he must confirm in a preset time if he has your product in stock.
  • Order : When you are answered you convert the request into an order. Then the supplier involved will receive the order to deliver the goods.
  • API : Interface allowing you to connect your application to B2B Console. This allows you to send your orders automatically without any intervention on your part. You will receive the supplier’s answers and shipping confirmation automatically.


There are two ways to create a query and thus generate an order :

  • Automatically using the API (if your plan allows)
  • Manually


Create a query using API :

See API documentation


Create a query manually :

  • Shipping Address : Enter the address of the recipient. We suggest you enter their email address. It will never be given to the suppliers. When you receive the shipping confirmation e-mail address will be part of the formatted message and you can transmit the shipping information more easily to your customer.
  • Status : The status of your application will be "draft" as long as you have not sent it.
  • Assignment mode : Manual or automatic. The default mode that you set in your company information is selected. You can change it. Assignment mode will determine how the system will process responses from your suppliers.

Manual management responses : In any case no automatic assignment of supplier will be made ​​by the system. Your supplier’s answers will come directly in your area alert. You will need to manually process the results and decide who will deliver what.

Automatic management response : If your merchandise is available the system will convert the request into an order and assign vendors to suit your preferences (cost, delay). If at least one product is not available the request will turn into manual mode. You will receive a warning and will need to decide manually how to handle this request.

  • Order # retailer : Your order number from your system
  • Note to customer : You can write a message to your client that will appear on the packing slip that will be included in the package.
  • Enter the products :

Enter the product information.

Max price : If you check this box you must enter a price for the product. If the price of your supplier is higher than your price his reply will not be taken into account. If no other supplier can be assigned then your request will turn into manual mode.

Select the product line : The partners corresponding to this product line will appear if you have set them in your section "partners". You can use the dropdown menu and click on "Add" to insert an additional partner. You can decide to exclude a partner using the menu on the left.

The date and time shown at the right of a partner is the deadline granted to send you his answer. You can change this time by clicking on it and even decide to apply this change to all partners. You can also change the default option on the shipping from this window.

Click "Add item" to enter an additional product.

  • "Note to suppliers" allows you to enter a message to the attention of your partners. This note will be visible on the request and printed on the picking list.
  • Save the request : Click on "Save" above and your request will be placed on your control panel in your widget "Requests - Draft". You can edit it, duplicate it or send it later.
  • Send the request : Click on "Send" and the request will be forwarded immediately to all partners.

Warning: If you exit without saving or sending, all information will be lost.



Your partners have now received your request and will respond.

All responses will arrive on your dashboard.


Process a request found in the widget "Requests – Need attention !"

  • If a request is not answered before it expires : You can reopen it by clicking on the time remaining (which will display "expired" in this case) and modifying it. Once the new time limit will be set to the request will be reopened and suppliers will find it again in their widget “Requests – Waiting for answer”.
  • If a request is in manual mode or if a product is unavailable :

You see for each product, the responses of your partner : Quantity readily available, Price, Back order quantity, Date of availability of back orders.

You have all the information needed to decide how to handle this order.

Confirm the quantities that you assign to each partner. If the amount is zero you can leave the box blank. You can enter a quantity greater than that originally entered. The quantity field is totally open.

In the communication area at the bottom, you can view the responses of each partner. You can insert a new comment to be specific to each.


The buttons at the top allow you to control various actions :

  • "Preview and Send” will show the detailed order per partner. The order will be confirmed when you click "send." If you then click "Yes" the system will consider the request as closed considering that you no longer wish to use it. If you choose "No" the request will be placed in the widget "Requests - Partially ordered." You can reuse this request and change everything. This function is widely used by those who often order the same item.
  • "Save" to save your changes. The request remains open and is not sent to partners.
  • "Duplicate" will create a copy of your request.



The order is now generated and sent to partners.

  • They print your customized packing slip (which will include your logo if you have added it to your company information), which is generated by the system, and insert in the package. So your customer will know from whom this order comes.
  • Your partner enters the shipping information (Courier, tracking number) and confirms the shipment.
  • The order now appears in your widget "Orders – Shipped last 14 days".
  • If you do not use the API you need to copy the relevant information you want to send to your customer.
  • If you use the API you can send all the desired information automatically and save even more time.


Feel free to contact us for any matter relating to the use of our services.



All features will be included in this promotion

*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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