B2B Console
helps suppliers!

No more lengthy follow-ups for every transaction! Welcome aboard!

  • You have just made a sale and would like to focus on the next one?
  • You want to keep human input to a minimum?
  • In short, you want to make life easier by automating your order management process!


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No more holding back!
Take it to the next level!
Boost your sales!

Get more clients thanks to connection and management made easy. Offer more products. Have your complete catalogue online.

B2B Console is a platform that simplifies and oversees your procurement logistics and orders.

B2B is ideal for Drop Shipping as well as any other type of order. B2B Console helps Drop Shippers monitor open orders and manage all their clients’ accounts.

If you sell goods, you can count on B2B for any client base.

Build your business. We’ll do the rest.

Our control panel is simple and user-friendly

Transactions are classified according to :

  • Status (follow-up required, shipment pending, finalized)
  • Retailer
  • Date
  • Client

Your clients will be able to offer your entire product line

  • The number of products is unlimited
  • B2B simplifies and manages all your Drop Shipping
  • You can diversify your offer
  • Avoid hassles
  • Automated management takes care of everything

Order tracking tool searches by :

  • Status
  • Retailer
  • Client
  • Date
  • Product

Alert Area: everything that requires your attention.

Reply to product availability request.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is the sale of an item without stock on hand. The seller has a third party (the Drop Shipper) ship the product directly to the buyer. Sellers are inventory-free. Your sales go up. Long live Drop Shipping!

Do you want to increase your Drop Shipping activities?

  • Offer to do your resellers’ Drop Shipping.
  • Let them choose from your entire inventory. Let B2B manage all your orders for you.


  • Save time
  • Attract more clients
  • Boost sales
  • Pay per use!

What do you need to use our services?

Just configure B2B :

  • Enter your information
  • We will invite your clients to join

B2B Console is your new virtual “self.”

You are ready to begin! Here is an example of how it works:

Your client has an order (Drop Shipping or other). You receive the order on your control panel.

Query Function

  • Do you have any questions about the order? Get answers quickly and move to the next step.

Send confirmation to your client

  • Product availability
  • Price
  • Shipping and other fees
  • Comments

Now you can get back to your business.

  • B2B takes over and informs you of developments.

Order Confirmation

  • B2B confirms the order
  • You can now ship

Send your client shipping confirmation

  • Shipping method
  • Tracking number
  • B2B sends a complete confirmation with all the order details

Alert Area

All the transactions requiring your attention are displayed together.

  • New clients
  • Delays
  • New orders
  • Questions from clients

Your day-to-day business will change

  • All your orders are displayed on one screen
  • The time you save and the impact on your business are significant
  • With B2B, you are in the driver’s seat
  • Use the time you save to build your business

No matter how many clients or orders you have. All it takes is one click. Monitoring and developing your business has never been so easy!

Join us and let B2B take you to the next level!



All features will be included in this promotion

*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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Automated procurement logistics chain

Integrated management application.

Drop Shipping / orders

Hands off, totally automated management.

Order status

No more questions, just answers.

Online application

Easy access, wherever you go.

Pay per use

Transactions are only a few cents.

Control panel

One stop for easy viewing and follow-up.

Alert Area

Problems? Delays? Find out immediately!

Add products

Your offer increases, but not the cost of your logistics

More trading partners

More clients and more suppliers.

Save time

No more management; focus on what matters to you.

No more excuses!

No more “falling behind” at the office.

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