Set your system

Your profil : Logo, language, time zone. Your settings : Time for the supplier to complete the expedition, how to manage responses from your suppliers (automatic, manual). You see your plan for the current month and the next month.

Products / Partners

Link each product line you offer to the relevant supplier.

Your partners

Manage your list of partners.

Invite new partners

Send invitations to those with whom you want to work.

Partners / Products

Link each partner to the product he will deliver for you.

Setting the partner

Set up the time allowed to your partner to answer your requests. After that time you will both be notified of the delay. Choose whether to require an amount of shipping and whether to allow the modification of the order by the supplier. All these options will be applied by default, but modifiable for each request.

Transaction search

Search your transactions by defining your settings. Create your own work area by converting your search results into a table that will appear on your dashboard. You can click on each transaction to view details.

Shipping informations

You can see the details of each expedition in HTML or PDF.

Create a new widget

When the search is done add the result to the dashboard by creating a new widget. Set each widget at your convenience.

Customize your dashboard

You can choose : Title, order, width (50% = 1/2 screen), receive alerts in the widget and/or by email, number of rows, visible information.

All transactions are classified by status

The dashboard displays all transactions on one screen. They are listed in widgets that you can customize. Each widget shows the transactions with the same status. If you check the alert option the widgets will show the title bar in a different color (for better visualization).

Set your alerts

In practice, if no alert appears, you have nothing to do. The system works for you.

New request

Create a new request. If you choose the API option your data will automatically transfer from your system to B2B Console. You can determine a maximum price for your product. If this price is exceeded by your partner you will be warned. You can add a note to your suppliers.

Decision-making parameters

Select the manual mode and you will treat the answers yourself. Select the automatic mode and the system will take care of everything. It will warn you if your suppliers are not in stock. Add a note to your client that will be printed on the packing slip that your supplier will insert in the package.

Manage suppliers

For each product the relevant suppliers are disclosed. You may decide to modify this list by excluding/including a supplier. You can change the default time allocated to each supplier to answer you.


You can apply this change to all suppliers. You can change the shipping option.

Receipt of availability confirmation

See the responses of your suppliers.

Assign quantities to each supplier

You see your supplier's answer for each product : availability, back orders. You can easily make a decision and allocate quantities to the supplier of your choice. If you are in automatic mode the system will do it.

Write comment

You can write a final note that this time will be individual.

Send your order

Confirm your decision and each supplier will get an individual order. He will print both picking list for the warehouse and packing slip to be inserted in the package.

Receive confirmation of shipment

Once the shipment is finalized you will receive confirmation on your dashboard. Click on its number and get all the information pertaining to this order. If you use the API this information will be sent automatically.


Please refer to user manual for more information.



All features will be included in this promotion

*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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