B2B Console
helps retailers!

  • Are you making lots of transactions and spending countless hours doing follow-up?
  • Your new friend B2B will help you manage your drop shipping and orders!
  • Are you dealing with one order while your mind is already on the next?
  • You need to minimize human involvement!
  • We can help make your life easier by assisting you with your order management process!


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B2B Console is a platform that will simplify and manage your procurement and ordering logistics.

B2B was designed for Drop Shipping but can also manage any other kind of order.If you are a retailer, then B2B will connect you with all of your suppliers through our interface.

B2B Console simplifies and manages Drop Shipping and all your other orders.

Increase your sales with B2B Console!

  • Increase tenfold the number of products available
  • Use Drop Shipping
  • Diversify your offer
  • Avoid hassles
  • The automated management takes care of everything
  • No more holding back! Take it to the next level!

Focus on generating as many orders as possible.
We will take care of their management!

The B2B Console interface has an easy-to-use control panel. Here are some of the details of the interface:

Transactions can be classified according to :

  • Status (follow-up required, shipment pending, finalized)
  • Supplier
  • Date
  • Client

The search tool allows you to track the order according to :

  • Status
  • Supplier
  • Client
  • Date
  • Product

The Alert Area displays everything that requires your attention.

You can create orders manually.

You can send product availability requests to your suppliers.

Having your Drop Shipping and other orders assigned automatically offers the following benefits :

  • The choice of supplier who will ship the product is always to your advantage.
  • You can set the order assignment criteria yourself: price, time frame.
  • Having several suppliers for the same product guarantees you the best price and service.

B2B Console will help you offer many more products to your clients :

  • Management of drop shipping and other orders is the same regardless of the number of products.
  • Having more suppliers will not mean spending more time managing orders.
  • It will therefore be possible for you to offer clients your suppliers’ entire catalogues.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping allows a retailer to sell goods without keeping them in stock. You contract a supplier (Drop Shipper) to ship the goods directly to your client. You have no stock to worry about. You just make sales and pocket the profits. Long live Drop Shipping!

Do you currently sell only products you keep in stock?

  • Use B2B to develop your Drop Shipping!
  • Introduce new products
  • Find new suppliers
  • Send everything to our API for the Drop Shipping process!

Entrusting B2B Console with your Drop Shipping is very profitable and risk-free.

  • No inventory to worry about
  • Our unique interface makes follow-up easier
  • Save time as B2B does the work for you
  • Get more suppliers
  • Offer more products
  • Increase your sales
  • Always get the best price
  • Get the best service
  • Pay only when you use it!

What do you need to use our services?
Configuring our interface is easy and quick. Just enter:

  • your information
  • the categories of products you sell
  • your suppliers; we will invite them to connect
  • the categories of products sold by each supplier
  • your decision-making criteria (response time, delivery time, price)

B2B is your new virtual “self.”

Case study: Let's say that you've just made an online sale.

  • Creation/integration of the order into B2B Console. You can do it manually or push the order using our API. If you use our API, you have nothing to do.
  • Now you just relax because you're done! B2B takes over and keeps you posted on the process.
  • We forward the order to your supplier’s dashboard. If the order contains products going to different suppliers we split it and send the right products to each supplier.
  • Supplier confirms product availability.
  • Order is automatically confirmed to supplier. If a product is not available (back order, discontinued) you get an alert and will decide how to handle this.
  • Once supplier ships the goods you get the shipment information. If you use our API the confirmation will be forwarded to your customer.

If you use the API and if your supplier has the goods you will make a sale on your website and will receive the shipping confirmation without spending a second managing it. That is totally hand free!

Thanks to B2B Console you can offer thousands of styles and have hundreds of suppliers without spending more time to manage your orders.


B2B Console does not only manage drop shipping. It is also used for booking and replenishment orders.

  • Booking: Push your order and get fast and easy to manage status.
  • In stock products replenishment: Create a report of the products you sold, no matter who are the suppliers. Push it to B2B Console and we’ll create an order per supplier. So simple and efficient!


Order assignment

B2B waits for everyone’s response or for the designated time to elapse before assigning the order If one or many suppliers can take the order as specified by the B2B request, price will be the deciding factor. You are always guaranteed the best price. If no supplier can handle the entire order, then the order will switch to manual mode. You will receive an alert and will have to treat the order manually.

Alert Area

Displays all the transactions requiring your attention.

  • Missing goods
  • Delayed response
  • Shipping delay
  • Much more. You decide where you want to get alerts!

Manual mode

The order is displayed and identified as requiring response. Every item in the order is developed and each supplier’s response is displayed. Hence, you choose a supplier for each item. When every item is finalized (assigned or cancelled), the order is confirmed with the suppliers involved.

A real example is better than lots of explainations!

Use our free trial to learn more.
Register for free and we will share some testing orders with you. We will help you to get started.
This will give you plenty of time to test our system.
Then you will understand how efficient, fast and easy it is!

Your day-to-day business will change

  • You always get the best price
  • You always get the best service
  • Sell as many products as you want
  • No more dealing with purchase and shipping logistics
  • All your orders are displayed on one screen
  • The time you save and the impact on your business are significant
  • With B2B, you are in the driver’s seat
  • Use the time you save to build your business

No matter how many clients and orders you have. It is all there in one click. Monitoring and developing your business is now easier than ever!

Join us and let B2B take you to the next level.



All features will be included in this promotion (API, Multi-users, ...)

*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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Automated procurement logistics chain

Integrated management application.

Drop Shipping / orders

Hands off, totally automated management.

Order status

No more questions, just answers.

Online application

Easy access, wherever you go.

Configurable interface

Your criteria, your decisions.


“Push” the orders and “pick up” the confirmations.

Pay per use

Transactions are only a few cents.

Control panel

One stop for easy viewing and follow-up.

Alert Area

Problems? Delays? Find out immediately!

More trading partners

More clients and more suppliers.

Save time

No more management; focus on what matters to you.

No more excuses!

No more “falling behind” at the office.

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