Privacy Policy

In order to facilitate the reading and comprehension of this text, “B2B” will refer to as well as, without limitation, any other body belonging to our corporate family. This also includes any third party contracted to help us meet our objectives.

In this text, the terms “client” and “you” will refer to any natural person, body corporate, amalgamation, representative of the aforementioned or all other entity wishing to use our products.

The term “product” refers to all goods and services that B2B offers its clients, including without limitation online services and software B2B has made available to you

This agreement is between B2B and the client and applies to all physical and virtual spaces wherein B2B might conduct business.

By using B2B products and by providing us with personal information, you are agreeing without limitation to the terms of this agreement.

By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to our gathering and keeping personal information pertaining to you. This information will remain the sole property of B2B, who agrees to not reveal or share said information with anyone outside of B2B without your consent, except in the case of a formal request by a government agency as part of an investigation or any other action pertaining to law enforcement.

This information will be used for the successful management of our business.

This information will consist of, without limitation, all the data that you will have transmitted in the context of our business relationship. Sensitive information will be encrypted and stored on our secure servers.

You hereby accept that we use cookies to facilitate your browsing. You accept without limitation that if you refuse when you are invited to install cookies, it could have a negative effect on B2B’s performance and your usage of B2B. Some B2B products might not function properly. B2B cannot be held responsible for the consequences.

With regard to links to other sites displayed on our pages, we are in no way liable for the usage that could be made of the information with which you might provide them. You are responsible for looking into the terms and conditions of each Web site you visit.

Be assured that we take the protection of your personal information very seriously. If we should call upon stakeholders from outside B2B, all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that said stakeholders act in accordance with our privacy policies. Nonetheless, we are not responsible for any breaches of conduct on their part.

In cases of total or partial termination of our activities and/or assets, we will be required to share your personal information with any potential buyer. We would then put in place every reasonable measure to ensure that this information is used in compliance with our privacy policy.

We will never contact you to request that you send us your password. If you should receive such as request, do not answer said request, and let us know about the situation as soon as possible.

We will keep your information for as long as we deem it necessary for the successful management of our business, even if our business relationship has ended.

B2B cannot guarantee the privacy of any personal information sent by means other than those offered to you from our platforms. This includes without limitation e-mails sent from a public network.

B2B reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement, in part or in whole, without prior notice. You are accepting in whole and without possible limitation this agreement each time you use our services. You are responsible for regularly monitoring the terms of this agreement.

In case of litigation/dispute with regard to the implementation of these provisions, whatever the reason may be, the courts of the city of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) will be irrevocably deemed of competent jurisdiction to render a decision. The client irrevocably waives the possibility of appealing in any other jurisdiction.

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this agreement, please contact us using the information in the contact section.



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