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Here are listed B2B Console’s main features that will help you manage all your drop shipping orders. B2B also helps suppliers manage their procurement logistic.


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Online application

You will have access to your business wherever you are.

Unlimited number of clients


Viewing of orders

All your orders from all your clients will be displayed on our unique interface.

Control panel

All your current transactions can be viewed at a glance. You choose the display settings. With the tracking tool for transactions and Alert Area, you will never miss a transaction or a supplier's response. The control panael is easy, user-friendly, fast and efficient!

Alert Area

All the operations requiring your involvement are in one place: questions from clients, unanswered orders, delays, etc...

Delivery slip

The system creates your client delivery slip, to be included with the package.

Save time

Time spent with follow-up, monitoring and logistics will no longer get in the way of development. While we manage the present, you can use the precious time you save to build the future.

Greater profitability

Save time, get more clients and boost sales.

Rest easy

The system is working for you. Orders are coming in regardless of what you are busy doing. You make money even while you are sleeping.

Receipt of availability requests

Your client wants to know if a required product is available.

Shipping confirmation

As soon as the order has shipped, all the general and shipping information is automatically sent out.

Unlimited number of users

Users will get secure individual access. One user will be the administrator. Alerts will be sent to the e-mail address of his/her choice.


All prices are in USD and are subject to change without prior notice. You will automatically be billed on the first day of every month for the previous month's transactions and the cost of the package for the current month (if applicable).

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One-time set-up and configuration fee


Transaction* cost based on monthly volume

* A transaction is an order assigned to you. Requests are not considered as transactions.

Less than 200 transactions per month


Between 200 and 499 transactions per month


Between 500 and 999 transactions per month


More than 1,000 transactions per month