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    Orders management - Full automation - API

  • Unique dashboard

    • A single control panel
    • All customers / Partners
    • Requests / Orders
    • Drop shipping / Shipments
    • Alerts / Notifications
    • Easy follow up
    • All on one screen
  • Automated management

    • Your system settings
    • B2B works for you !
    • Product available ?
    • Automatic assignment to the supplier
    • Personalized packing slip
    • Shipping confirmation

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Our mission.

Automate management of orders and increase logistic effectiveness.

Simplify the lives of all who either practice or offer Drop Shipping.

Let you save money while making your life easier.

What does B2B do?

  • Improves your procurement logistics
  • Connects retailers and suppliers
  • Simplifies and automates seller/buyer/client relations
  • Manages orders and shipments
  • Manages all your Drop Shipping
  • Automatically assigns orders
  • Presents a unique avenue for all your transactions
  • Offers an interface where everything you need is one click away

Who are our customers?

  • Online shops using drop shipping or managing replenishments through our system.
  • Suppliers offering drop shipping or getting replenishment orders through our system.

No matter the products they offer, our clients have one thing in common:
They understood all the benefits of drop shipping!

Our customers want us to manage their drop shipping and regular orders because:

  • We automate the entire ordering and communication process.
  • We connect all their business partners on a single interface.
  • All transactions are classified by status on one screen.
  • Our services cost only a few cents per transaction. You only pay if you use our services.

Drop shipping is the future!

Online stores must remain competitive and profitable. To do so they have to offer their customers a products selection as wide as possible. Why pick 20 styles out of a 100 styles collection? Because the inventory’s cost is a major issue.
Drop Shipping is the ideal solution for online stores because it allows them to offer a huge selection of products without supporting any inventory.

On the other hand the vendors are faced with their retailer’s main concern which is not selling the purchased products. To avoid this risk, purchases are limited to some styles instead of offering the whole collections online.
Drop Shipping is the ideal solution for providers because it allows them to offer their whole collections online.

Drop shipping is the perfect solution for online stores and suppliers who want to optimize their sales!

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is the selling of goods without stock on hand. The seller contracts a third party to ship the goods directly to the buyer.

Why use Drop Shipping?

  • No inventory required
  • Unlimited number of products available
  • Saves time. Orders shipped immediately
  • Ships goods directly to clients

How does B2B Console work?

  • Runs online
  • Employs simple and intuitive control panel
  • Displays all transactions immediately
  • Features Alert Area for urgent responses
  • Uses API for complete automation
  • Directs requests for product availability
  • Assigns suppliers automatically

Ultimately it is very simple!

Our clients use B2B Console because we make them earn a phenomenal time and considerably simplify their logistics.

Bottom line, we let them save money while improving their effectiveness.

  • We make your job easier by managing and automating your Drop Shipping as well as all your other orders.
  • We are a crucial component for your procurement logistics.
  • You can use the time you save to increase sales and profits.

B2B and Drop Shipping at their best: Efficient, fast and easy.

Focus on developing your business and let B2B Console take care of your Drop Shipping, orders and supply logistics.

For more information, visit the section that applies to you, where screenshots and detailed examples will show you precisely what B2B Console can do for you.



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Automated procurement logistics chain

Integrated management application.

Drop Shipping / orders

Hands off, totally automated management.

Order status

No more questions, just answers.

Online application

Easy access, wherever you go.

Configurable interface

Your criteria, your decisions.


“Push” the orders and “pick up” the confirmations.

Pay per use

Transactions are only a few cents.

Control panel

One stop for easy viewing and follow-up.

Alert Area

Problems? Delays? Find out immediately!

More trading partners

More clients and more suppliers.

Save time

No more management; focus on what matters to you.

No more excuses!

No more “falling behind” at the office.

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