General Sales Conditions

In order to facilitate the reading and comprehension of this text, “B2B” will refer to as well as, without limitation, any other entity belonging to our corporate family. This also includes any third party contracted to help us meet our objectives.

In this text, the terms “client” and “you” will refer to any natural person, body corporate, amalgamation, representative of the aforementioned or all other entity wishing to use our products.

The term “product” refers to all goods and services offered by B2B to its clients, including without limitation online services and software B2B has made available to you.

This agreement is between B2B and the client and applies to all physical and virtual spaces wherein B2B might conduct business.

You cannot use our products if :

  • you do not meet the requirements to qualify as “client”,
  • you have an outstanding payment to B2B,
  • you are not in agreement with one or several of our Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use are in addition to any other condition or contract that would bind you to B2B.

B2B reserves the right to change the contents of this agreement in part or in whole without prior notice. You are fully accepting this agreement without limitation each time you use our products. You are responsible for routinely monitoring the contents of this agreement. You cannot in any way change these Terms of Use.

Any component on our Web sites, including, without limitation, logos, trademarks, technology and environments is our exclusive property. Any copy, reproduction, change or other is prohibited. You agree without limitation that all content is protected by international copyright and trademark laws, as well as all other laws or regulations specific to each country, only to the extent that the latter would increase the scope of the former.

The client is but a user of our products and accepts this fact without limitation or possibility of recourse. The client has no claim to B2B products and technologies. Any changes or modifications to our products will not be tolerated.

The client agrees to only use our products as stipulated in this section and described in the various instruction manuals, guides or other publications supplied by B2B.

We have provided you with identifiers and passwords to grant you access to our products. You are responsible for their safekeeping and confidentiality. We will never monitor the identity of those logging in to our services. You release B2B from any liability arising from fraudulent use of your identification and passwords. Furthermore, you agree to log off whenever there is the risk of someone else using your session to gain access to our products. You must warn us immediately if you suspect an unauthorized person of appropriating your identifiers to gain access to our products. We will provide you with a new password. We reserve the right to suspend without prior notice or justification any account that is not directly or indirectly in compliance with these Terms of Use.

You agree that when asked to provide us with information it will be truthful and verifiable. Any false statement could result in the closing of your account as well as prosecution.

Our products can contain links to B2B partners and/or clients. Following these links takes you outside of the B2B network. We are not liable for any of the goods or services, privacy policies or general terms and conditions of sales of these links when you exit the B2B network.

You agree to pay all the fees, without possible limitation, associated with the products outlined and which you have selected for your account administrator page. You will be billed for the various fees as outlined on your account administrator page.

If you wish to change your package, you must provide us with written notice. We will make the changes within 7 days. However, the client will not be eligible to receive a refund or credit for packages paid in advance in cases where the changes entail a decrease in the cost of the package.

You are responsible for keeping all of your personal and billing information up to date. As detailed on your account administrator page, we will send you a bill indicating the fees paid as soon as we have obtained this amount in the predetermined manner. Should the request for withdrawal be returned to us, we will give you written notice within 3 business days. You are responsible for ensuring that the next attempt, which will be made within 3 business days of your having been notified, succeeds. There is a $25.00 fee for each failed attempt. If the second attempt fails, your service will be suspended until the situation is rectified. You will not be eligible for any refund or compensation of any sort for the period during which service was suspended. If the situation has not been rectified in the 30 days following the suspension, your account will be permanently closed. You will have to pay the usual set-up fees to have your account reactivated.

You authorize B2B to list your company and/or logo as a client of its products in any place deemed appropriate by B2B such as, and without limitation, B2B Web sites, Web articles, news items, publications and ads related to B2B.

The client can terminate this agreement by providing B2B with written notice a minimum of 3 months prior to the desired termination date. The agreement will end on the last day of the third full month following your end of agreement notice. B2B has the right to put an end to the agreement at any moment, without any prior notice.

We offer you the chance to connect to our services by using API technology. You are responsible for paying all the required connection fees. We offer you all the necessary technical information. Having developed this API, can do the integration for you. Contact them directly.

The client agrees irrevocably and without limitation to not divulge any confidential information acquired while using our products regarding our B2B products, technology, properties and business strategies.

B2B cannot be held responsible for wrong, erroneous or inexact translations of textual elements on our sites or in our manuals and other texts.

B2B reserves the right to change, discontinue, limit, suspend or terminate access to its products, in part or in whole, without prior notice and without liability to the client or any other person. If these Terms of Use or your authorization to access or use, in part or in whole, our products is terminated for any reason, these Terms and Conditions and any other agreement existing prior to the termination between the client and B2B will remain applicable and binding.

You irrevocably agree that our products are offered to you “as is and at your own risk.” B2B is not responsible for any harm such as loss or damage resulting from the client’s use of the products. B2B provides clients with access to its products without guaranteeing results. If there are “bugs,” interruptions in service or connection, viruses, loss of information, information theft and any other problems, the client renounces any legal action against B2B, regardless of the consequences that the problems might have caused the client, and this includes, without limitation, loss of income, damages, loss of clients, lawsuits, etc. The client releases B2B of any liability in case of problems and agrees without limitation to never undertake any legal action to obtain compensation or any other type of restitution from B2B, even if certain jurisdictions might allow it. You agree to refund B2B any amount of money paid by B2B as a result of any legal action you might have undertaken, such as, without limitation, lawyers’ fees, transportation and accommodation expenses, fines, damages and interest, compensation, etc...

Should a provision of these Terms of Use be judged illegal, null or void for any reason at all, this provision will be deemed to be removed from these Terms of Use and the other provisions will remain in effect and fully applicable.

In case of litigation/dispute with regard to the implementation of these provisions, whatever the reason may be, the courts of the city of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) will be irrevocably deemed of competent jurisdiction to render a decision. The client irrevocably waives the possibility of appeal in any other jurisdiction.

Refund policy : No refund will be issued. For any amount we would owe you we will issue a credit. Credit will be applied to the next payments.

Contact us:
If you have any questions or comments regarding this agreement, please contact us using the information found in the contact section.



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*Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, costs described in section packages will apply from the 31st day.

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