Drop Shipping for retailers with B2B Console

In this section, you will find a description of drop shipping as it pertains to the retailer or seller.

Drop shipping is beneficial for retailers, who do not need to keep inventory, can offer an unlimited number of products and do not need to oversee the preparation and shipment of packages.

  1. The seller receives an order from a client, usually through an online store.
  2. The seller provides the distributor/wholesaler or drop shipper with all the information.
  3. The drop shipper prepares the package and ships it to the buyer.
  4. The drop shipper then sends shipping confirmation, including a tracking number, to the seller.
  5. The seller forwards the shipping confirmation to the client.

B2B Console will complete this process without the seller’s involvement. B2B sends the order to the potential drop shippers of this product. It is in the seller’s best interest to work with as many drop shippers as possible in order to have the greatest selection possible for each order. B2B will automatically choose the best drop shipper for the task and confirm the order with said drop shipper.

Once the order has shipped, B2B passes on all the information, including the tracking number, to the seller, who can then automatically convey it to the client through the API. Thanks to B2B Console, the entire drop shipping operation is performed without the seller’s involvement.

For more information on B2B Console’s functional capabilities, please visit our retailers section.



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